Apollo Capital Partners business philosophy reflects a deep-seated belief that value is created by focusing on a few fundamentals:

  • solid management
  • operational excellence
  • optimal capital structures
  • long-term investment approach

Our target is to put our money to work through a wide range of economic situations - regardless of fluctuation in equity markets and lending rates - and achieve excellent returns on the invested capital.

Who we are

Apollo Capital Partners is a private equity firm based in Munich and specialised in

  • buy-outs
  • buy-ins
  • provision of later stage development capital

Typical acquisition targets are mid-market companies with growth potential; after the buy, Apollo builds up the company by providing funds for strategic expansion.

Apollo is making equity investments for long-term appreciation, either through controlling ownership or strategic minority positions.

The Team of Apollo Capital Partners has completed more than 10 transactions involving in excess of €120 Million of total financing.

Apollo Capital Partners was formed in 1999 and is led by Managing Partner Hans Steininger.


Apollo Capital Partners operates as an investment firm. Each company in our portfolio will be independently managed and financed. Each has its own board of directors, which includes Apollo Capital Partners representatives.
We are "involved", patient investors, not traders. The average time we plan to invest is above five years.
We take a long-term view of a company`s performance. We will never be concerned with quarterly results, but rather focus on cash flow and look at results over a number of years.
Management is our partner in creating value, our portfolio company managers should have a significant amount of their personal net worth invested in their companies because we believe strongly that the best managers think like - and are - owners.
We want our portfolio companies to invest for future competitiveness. We encourage them to take a long-term perspective; to maintain their business focus; to manage the balance sheet as well as the income statement; to make strategic acquisitions; to motivate a wide range of employees by giving them a stake in the business; and to build for the future through prudent capital investment, research and development spending, and new product marketing.


Apollo Capital Partners goal is to achieve high rates of return for the Apollo Funds by investing for long term appreciation.

Apollo Capital Partners core investment principles are and will be that the closing of an acquisition is only the beginning of the process of delivering value. This means that after the deal is done.
The Apollo team will be heavily involved in years of diligent work along with the management of its portfolio companies to realize the full potential of it`s acquisitions.